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Pocket Watches for Sale:

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The Courvoisier & Houriet:

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This watch was made by the partnership of David Courvoisier and Jacques Frederic Houriet.
Courvoisier and Houriet was founded circa 1768 and continued to 1804.

A quarter hour repeater such as this uses chimes to "repeat" or "tell" the time when a slide or lever is activated.
They are not alarm clocks and will not chime each quarter hour, but only when asked to do so.
This watch will chime once for each hour, then offer a two-toned double chime for each quarter hour. (Starts at zero for the first quarter, three double chimes for the last quarter.

This watch does run and the repeater function does work.

The Jules Huguenin:

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A true masterpiece by Jules Huguenin.
Possibly a one of a kind watch combining a Quarter Hour Repeater, a Chronogragh, Day and Date indicators.

Made circa 1890.
This watch does run and all functions work.

The Agassiz Minute Repeater:

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Lovely, completely functional Agassiz Minute Repeater Pocket Watch.
Watch starts when wound and runs well. Stem wound and lever set.
Repeater function is activated by the slide at the 6 o'clock position and works perfectly.
Case is believed to be solid gold, Shugart's guide shows the haystack as a "solid gold" mark and the dustcover shows the light ripples seen in soft gold.
The bezel has been repaired with solder and does not hold the crystal as well as it should, this repair should probably be redone.

The E. S. Yates Fusee:

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Extremely Rare Chain Fusee Pocket Watch made by Ellis Samuel Yates and Co. of Liverpool, circa 1845.
Information on E. S. Yates and Co. seems to be scarce.
Records show an Ellis Samuel Yates of Lord Street in Liverpool, born 1805 and passing in 1849.

This very nice movement appears to have a diamond endstone on the balance and has a very high jewel count for the period. Even the fusee winding post has a huge jeweled bearing. The pivot jewels are all clear, not red, so they are not rubies.
It appears to have a "Left-handed Massey 3" lever escapement, described in detail here: 05 AOM.pdf

It is also of the type known as a "Liverpool runner", meaning the escape wheel and pallet are visible from the edge of the assembled movement. (I tried to get a picture of it, but you can't really tell much. You can just see the escape wheel and one inset pallet jewel.)

Movement is marked:
E. S. Yates & Co. South Crescent Chambers
Lord Street Liverpool
No. 22930

The balance cock is marked "Patent" Signed dial is still in good condition, with some wear around the rim from rubbing the inside of the bezel, but no other visible defects. The heavy 18K gold hunter case does NOT appear to be original to the movement, the winding hole has been moved to accommodate the E.S. Yates movement.
It is, however, an excellent case, being of unusual thickness for an 18K case, stamped "E.K. & Co" and bearing the correct crown and 18K standard mark, the Chester assay mark and (unless my eyes deceive me) the Chester date mark for 1843.
Outer rim diameter is ~49.5mm.

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